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The Talon Metro 100R : Turnkey Cars from just £3,495

Having taken our VVC Metro trackday car to numerous circuits around the UK, and indeed Europe, and having embarassed considerably more expensive equipment everywhere we went, one common theme emerged from conversations we had with other trackday goers. Why not produce a road going version. Well, we have, and here it is. The Talon Metro 100R.

The car is now built around the later model Rover 100 as opposed to the Rover Metro used on our prototype trackday car. The wheels have been increased from the original 13" up to 14" to allow for a bigger brake conversion (optional extra) and some sensible rubber. We now have a 160BHP option to compensate for the extra weight gained by leaving the interior intact, and the car is an absolute riot to drive. You just can't help but to get out of it with a massive grin on your face. It simply shouldn't be that much fun to drive ... but it is!

Clearly we couldn't produce a 140MPH Metro without paying some attention to the handling, so we have added custom made front and rear anti-rollbars and modified the front castor angle to improve the high speed stability. General stability and roll stiffness has been improved by individualising the hydragas units and modifying the hydragas cones. The car now tracks perfectly at top speed, is stable under braking, and corners like it's on rails. You really do forget you're driving a Metro. It's that good, but don't take our word for it, give us a ring and book a test drive. Find out for yourself!

Standard Specification
  • Re-Welded Floor Pans and Sills
  • New Clutch and Release Bearing
  • 2 Core High Capacity Radiator
  • Front and Rear Anti-Rollbars
  • GTi Vented Front Discs and Calipers
  • 14" Alloy Wheels with Toyo Proxes T1R Tyres
  • Individualised and modified hydragas units
  • New Custom Designed Exhaust
  • Rear Wheelarch Repair and Cover Trims
  • Paintwork Re-Touched and Colour Coded
  • 12 Months MOT
Extra Cost Options
  • 150 MPH Clocks with Rev Counter
  • Stripped Interior
  • Roll-Cage
  • PG1 Gearbox with MGF driveshafts
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Lightweight GRP Bonnet
  • Big Brake Conversion
  • Contact us for more details

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