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The Talon Metro 100RT

The 100R has gone back to its roots, in the form of the stunning 100RT. What started as a track car, and progressed into a road car, has now been released as a track version again, only this time, its loads better!

Whereas the 100R is a road car that is great fun on a track, the 100RT is an out and out track car, that happens to be quite at home on the road as well. The RT has a whole host of new features as standard, including a fully welded 6 point roll-cage, complete with door bars, tied into the bodyshell in 8 additional points. Also standard is an aluminium undertray and rear diffuser that sucks the back of the car down by over an inch at 100mph. This downforce has eliminated the lift off oversteer evident in the prototype. The RT has a lightweight (2.9 Kg) fibreglass bonnet and an even lighter (2.7 Kg) fibreglass tailgate and is fitted with perspex windows all round.

The 'standard' specification RT comes with a 160BHP VVC engine, although we can fit any of the other 4 cylinder K-series engines if required. Power is transmitted through a fully reconditioned C-Type gearset PG1 gearbox, fitted with a Quaife Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential. The gear linkage has been re-engineered to give a quicker and more positive shift than the original. The RT retains the same rear anti-rollbar as the road car, however the front anti-rollbar is an uprated version, and the camber and castor angles are modified. The car is a featherweight so it retains the same GTi specification brakes as the road car, but an uprated brake package is available.

Standard Specification
  • Re-Welded Floor Pans and Sills
  • Fully Welded 6-Point Roll-Cage with Door Bars and Diagonal
  • 160BHP 1.8 VVC Engine with PG1 Gearbox (Type C Gearset)
  • Quaife Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential
  • Aluminium Undertray with Rear Diffuser
  • Fibreglass Bonnet
  • Fibreglass Tailgate
  • Perspex Windows (Except front screen)
  • New Clutch and Release Bearing
  • 2 Core High Capacity Radiator
  • Front and Rear Anti-Rollbars
  • GTi Vented Front Discs and Calipers
  • 14" Alloy Wheels with Toyo Proxes T1R Tyres
  • Individualised and modified hydragas units
  • New Custom Designed Exhaust
  • Rear Wheelarch Repair and Cover Trims
  • Paintwork Re-Touched and Colour Coded
  • 12 Months MOT
Extra Cost Options
  • Uprated front brakes
  • Single wiper conversion
  • Aluminium door cards
  • MGF 150MPH Dashboard Clocks
  • Contact us for more details
Note: The car shown above is fitted with some of the listed extra cost options.

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