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21/09/2011 : Website back online
Welcome back online to the Talon Website!  We were without a web presence for a number of months but we're now back online and have taken the opportunity to tidy up some aspects of the site and more importantly make it easier to keep up to date moving forward!  We'll shortly be adding in the new updated cars for sale page together with some new ongoing reports of cars in build.  All of this is now easy to update so we hope to show the progress on the cars as it happens!
01/07/2008 : We have moved!
After seemingly endless delays, and a lot of work, we have now finally moved into our new workshop on the Hathernware Industrial Estate. The move, to significantly bigger premises, will enable us to increase the number of consecutive builds and therefore reduce our lead times. New address and phone details are on the 'contact us' page.
14/04/2007 : 1.8 Supercharged VVC Engine Launched
After many months of planning and testing we launched our supercharged version of the 1.8 VVC K-Series engine at the Detling Kit and Performance car show. The 215BHP unit has been jointly developed by ourselves and Turbo Technics and will soon be available as an option in the 100RT track car. This exciting new development is also expected to find its way into other cars, such as GTM's Libra and Fisher Sportscar's Fury.
18/12/2006 : Talon appointed as Official Build Agents for Hawk Cars
At the Exeter Kit Car show on Saturday 18th December, Talon were appointed as official build agents for Hawk Cars by their managing director Gerry Hawkridge. Hawk Cars reputation for quality is unsurpassed within the industry and we are delighted to be associated with them.
16/09/2006 : 100RT Trackday Metro Launched
Talon launched the trackday version of the 100R road car at the Donington kit and performance car show this weekend. Called the 100RT, this car is specifically aimed at serious trackday fun, at a fraction of the cost normally associated with this kind of performance. Click HERE for more details.

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