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With some employees having worked in the kitcar industry for up to 8 years, using Metro and K-Series engines, we have access to an extensive knowledge of these engines in various different applications. We also have a fully equipped workshop facility along with full diagnostic and immobiliser alignment capability to look after and modify your Rover engined vehicle. We carry a large selection of used Rover Metro spares, as well as providing and fitting new parts.

Our standard labour rates are £34.00 per hour, however we are happy to quote a price for larger jobs.

We have a body roll over jig for under car welding and re-painting (red oxide and chassis black). If you are building a performance Metro for either road or track use, this is an essential step in the process as it will give you a safe and solid platform around which you can base your modifications.

The estimated cost for this service is between ?00 and ?00 dependant upon the amount of rust found and the amount of metal that needs to be replaced. All fluids have to be drained and replaced so that cost can be reduced if the car is supplied to us without the engine and gearbox fitted.

One of our specialities is big engine conversions for the Rover Metro. We can fit any 4 cyliner k-series engine from a 1.6 MPi through to a 160MHP MEMS3 1.8 VVC. In addition to our fitting service, which is comprehensive, we also offer a range of products designed for our customers to undertake the conversions themselves. These products include a custom designed 2 core radiator and cowl, road legal stainless steel exhaust system and 'plug and play' wiring harness to take the headache out of all the different wiring combinations.

1.6 MPi : 120BHP MEMS 1.9 1.8 VVC : 143BHP MEMS 2J 1.8 VVC : 160BHP MEMS 3

As there are so many combinations of cars and engines please e-mail or phone for pricing details.

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